• School bus regulations are designed to ensure every student safe transportation to and from school and school-sponsored activities.  

    Student safety

    School bus regulations are designed to ensure every student safe transportation to and from school and school-sponsored activities.  Violations of the rules may be sufficient reason to discontinue bus transportation privileges for the student(s) involved.

    Students should arrive at the bus stop five minutes before, but no sooner than ten minutes before scheduled bus arrival time, to allow for traffic fluctuations and minimize bus stop problems.  Proper safety precautions at the bus stop should be impressed on your student(s).  This is especially important if there is no adult supervision.  Students should wait off the traveled portion of the road, and not push or shove.  Once the bus has arrived, students should obey the instructions of their bus driver.

    Students living across the street from a bus stop, should not cross!  Have your student(s) wait until the bus stops and the driver signals to the students that it is safe to cross the street.

    Students will not be allowed to ride another bus or get off at a different stop unless a parent/guardian permission slip is received by the bus driver/transportation supervisor.

    Please be aware that bus address changes take 24 hours to process.

    In early fall, complete emergency information is given to all students riding buses.  This information should be kept in an accessible place. 
    The Team  

    If you have questions about the busing service please call the transportation office at
    (509) 932-4082 x3063.

    District-Wide Walk to School Day

    Last year’s IWALK ChampionSaddle Mountain Elementary in Mattawa, Washington again showed that they can rally a whole school district around Walk to School Day. Following a month long walking awareness camping in PE classes, over 1,300 students in the Wahluke School District walked to school on October 9th. Bus riders participated through a remote bus drop-off a mile from the school. Students were welcomed with treats, cider and hot chocolate. Everyone even stayed on bell schedule for their morning classes!

    The event included a wide range of ages with two pre-schools joining and as well as volunteers from the junior high and high schools. The day also saw incredible community support from the Grant County Sheriff Department, the County Health Department and the Mattawa Clinic. The Wahluke community will again come together later in the school year for a district-wide diabetes walk. Although Saddle Mountain did not receive a top prize this year, the judges awarded it Honorable Mention.

    Walk to School 20
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