• The district has begun an effort to lease local homes and then sublet these homes to Wahluke instructional staff. Housing can be hard to find  in both Mattawa and Desert Aire and the district would like to make it easier for staff to build connections and find a home for their family. Commuting up to 10 hours a week can be stressful on a family and we want to help.  
    Housing is not guaranteed however, if you are a staff member in need of a room or home please contact Stacey Robinson(509) 932-4565 so we can get you on the list. 
    Also if you are a home owner wanting to lease your home please also contact Travis Belisle so  we can find out if your home might be a good fit for our staff.
    Wahluke School District

    Available Housing - 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom in Desert Aire - ( This house is rented out 2018/2019)
    living room