WSD Covid-19 Protocols and Procedures

Protocols and procedures will be updated as new guidance is released.
The health and safety of all students, staff, and families are our number one priority.

A/B Cohorts (AM/PM) - Schedule

Adults Entering Building

After School Supervision





Backpacks at WHS & WJHS

Before School Supervision

Breakfast After the Bell


CARE’s Rooms

Cleaning Supplies

Copy Machines


COVID-19 Screener



Disinfecting Procedures

Distribution Days


Emergency Contacts

English Language Development (ELD)

Family Communication/Resources

Grab & Go Meal Bags

Grading Policy


Hand Washing

Lesson Plans

Locker Rooms




Mental Health



Outdoor Classrooms



Restroom Procedures

Seating Charts

Social Distancing

Social Media

Special Education

Specialists (Elementary/JH)

Student Materials


Teaching Platforms



Temperature Checks



Water/Drinking Fountains

AM Session

7:30-7:45 - Teacher Time
7:45-8:00 - Drop Off
8:00-10:30 - Classroom, (WHS Periods 1, 3, 5)
10:30-10:45 - Transition

Group 1

10:45-11:15 - Teacher Lunch 10:45-11:30 - Teacher Prep

Group 2

11:15-12:00 - Teacher Prep 11:30-12:00 - Teacher Lunch


10:45-12:00 - Travel & Lunch

PM Session

12:00-12:15 - Drop Off
12:15-2:45 - Classroom, (WHS Periods 1, 3, 5)
2:45-3:00 - Transition
3:00-3:15 - Teacher Time

The Transportation Department will set AM/PM cohorts for all students that ride a bus.

Walkers and parent drop off will be set by buildings. Priorities are as follows:
• Siblings
• CB Tech
• Class size

Parents will only be allowed to enter the building to check students out. They must follow all health screenings.

All staff entering the building will follow sanitizing procedures when entering the building. Sanitizer stations will be located near each entrance. View the video below for guidance.

Proper use of hand sanitizer

All staff entering the building will follow screening guidelines. If a staff member answers yes to any of the symptom questions for reasons of illness, they will not be allowed to come into work.

Parents, this will be the most difficult shift for us. We have always welcomed families into our building. Unfortunately, we cannot have any parents in the classrooms. This is temporary but will be very difficult for families and children, especially our youngest learners.

Unless there is an emergency that requires immediate attention, repairs and maintenance must occur before or after school hours.

<Map image>

Adult staff members will be assigned to areas to supervise students for pickup. Parents will not be allowed to walk into the building for pick up after school dismissal for each session.

Parent pick up will occur in the old elementary bus loop. The bus loop will be on Boundary.

Life Skills will be dropped off and picked up in front of SME and by the HS’s gym entrance (hallway).

This year, both arrival and dismissal will be scheduled to support screening, social distancing, and contact tracing. Students must enter and exit through their assigned door while being supervised by an adult staff member.

Parents will not be allowed to walk their students into the building to drop off or pick up.

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Families will only be able to drop their child off during a specified time.

  • Cohort - AM

    • Arrival - 7:45-8:00

    • Dismissal -10:30-10:45

  • Cohort - PM

    • Arrival - 12:00-12:15

    • Dismissal - 2:45-3:00

Families will fill out the health screener via the provided attestation paper before drop off.

  • If a family cannot fill out the screener before drop off, the staff will send the student to a holding area. Parents will be called.

    • 1st time - can be filled out over the phone

    • After 1st time - Parents will need to come to the school to fill out the attestation form.

  • All students’ temperatures will be rechecked upon arrival at their designated entry point at each building.

  • If they do not pass, they will be referred to the Nurse for the next steps.

  • Students may not enter the building without a mask.

  • Students with a fever will be sent to the CARE's room.

  • One or more Class A Symptoms or at least 2 Class B Symptoms or 1 Class B symptom for more than 24 hours stay home (updated Nov. 16)

  • Buildings will have entrance/exit plans buildings by location.

<Preschool image>

Preschool will enter and exit through the portable door.

<Mattawa Elementary image>

Mattawa Elementary will enter and exit through their assigned hallways.


Morris Schott STEAM Elementary will enter and exit through their assigned hallways.

<Saddle Mountain Elementary image>

Saddle Mountain Elementary will enter and exit through the gym.

<Wahluke Junior High image>

Wahluke Junior High will enter and exit through assigned doorways.

<Wahluke High School image>

Wahluke High School will enter and exit through the front door. Staff will enter and exit through auditorium or gym hallway doors.

Students will sanitize/wash their hands when they enter their classroom. Staff will monitor spaces in their assigned areas to assist in maintaining social distancing during arrival times.

Parents who pick their children up by car will be given a paper with pictures or names and grades of their children to place in their window on the car's passenger side.

Junior High Sports: To be determined

High School Sports: Seasons per WIAA Sports Season Calendar

  • Season 2 - February 1st to March 14 - Playoffs March 15-21

    • Basketball

    • Wrestling

    • Cheer(TBD)

  • Season 3 - March 15 to April 25 - Playoffs April 26- May 2

    • Cross Country

    • Girls Soccer

    • Volleyball

  • Season 3 - March 18 to April 25 - Playoffs April 26- May 9

    • Football

  • Season 4 - April 26 to June 6 - Playoffs June 7-13

    • Baseball

    • Fastpitch Softball

    • Boys Soccer

    • Tennis

    • Track

    • Golf

During Distant Learning

Teachers will take attendance daily in skyward. Teachers can go back five days to adjust attendance.

  • Check-in - LMS

  • Communication - phone, message, etc. (Parent Square)

  • Attend zoom lesson

  • Turn in assignment on LMS

During Hybrid Learning

Teachers will take attendance for each cohort at school. Monday - attendance needs to be taken; students and parents will need reminders that Monday is still a school day with attendance taken.

Link to OSPI - Emergency Absence Rule

UPDATED: As of June 1st, WSD students and staff will now only turn in one attestation form on a monthly basis.

WSD schools will continue to check temperatures. As well as require staff and visitors to sign in when entering a building.


Each student will be required to fill out paper/pencil attestation provided each day they attend. If a student has marked yes, they cannot be on school property and must follow guidelines for return.

Each student will be provided a thermometer, a packet of attestation papers, and a lanyard to place their form daily. Elementary teachers will collect the daily attestation papers from each student and place them in a baggie with the date. JH/HS Staff will collect the daily attestation at the temperature check station. Attestations will be kept for 14 days.

Link to Shared Folder with Attestation

Students will be allowed to have a backpack with them at all times. Students should have the following items:

  • School supplies

  • Charged Chromebook

  • School lanyard and cardholder

  • Mask

  • Water bottle

<Map image>

Adult staff members will be assigned to areas to supervise students for drop-off.  Parents will not be allowed to walk into the building for drop off.  Arrival at school will be scheduled, so there are no early students.

Pick up will occur in the old elementary bus loop (see map above).

WHS students will be dropped off in the bus loop.  WJH will be dropped off in front of the building.  All 3 Elementary buildings will be dropped off in front of the technology department. (see map above).

All 3 Elementary buildings and Preschool will have different colored lanyards to distinguish between schools.  

  • ME (Blue)

  • MSSE (Pink)

  • SME (Yellow)

  • Preschool (Purple)

Life Skills will be dropped off and picked up in front of SME and by the HS gym.

Parents will encourage their students to eat breakfast before they come to school each day. Students will be provided with lunch and breakfast before leaving school each day. The Breakfast After the Bell program is on hold until we resume participating in the National School Lunch Program. Please see Grab & Go section for details on meal distribution plans.

Students will need to show the driver their attestation form filled out in their lanyard. Windows will be down to the first latch and the roof vent will be open.

Students will have an assigned seat on the bus. The school nurse needs a copy of all seating charts.

Each building is required to have a CARE's room.  This is a space used to hold students that have not passed the screening process or get sick throughout the day.  Parents will be called to come in and pick up their children.

  • Preschool - Director Office

  • ME - Counselor Office

  • MSSE - MSSE Office

  • SME - Conference Room/Room 20

  • WJH

    • 1st Option: will be to use the Gear Up Offices 

    • 2nd Option: Will be to use the  Counselor office & Wag Room 

  • WHS - Lab 1

All PPE will be provided to any staff that is assigned to the CARE's room.

All supplies used for sanitizing/disinfecting are on the CDC approved list.

  • 70627-60 - Oxivir Wipes

  • 70627-56 - Oxivir Tb

  • 67619-32 - CloroxPro

  • 34810-36 - CleanCide Wipes

All staff will be responsible for wiping the screen down before and after use.

Please adhere to social distancing and avoid standing in line to make copies. If someone is making copies, come back at a later time.

Counselors will be available in each building.

  • ME

    • Robin Speck

  • SME

    • Elizabeth Tapia (Grades -TK, 4,5, Life Skills)

    • Dulce Molina (Grades 1, 2, 3)

  • MSSE

    • Juan Mata

  • WJH

    • Sonya Sandoval

    • Evelia Gonzalez

  • WHS

    • Diane Anthony - Social-Emotional

    • Fabian Partida - Guidance Counselor

    • Brenda Negrete - Guidance Counselor

The health screener on skyward must be filled out before entering the building.  If a staff member answers yes to any of the questions, they need to contact their supervisor by phone.  Temperature checks will be completed before arrival.  If there is no skyward access, there will be a paper version in each main entry location.

Staff can fill out the form on skyward.  All staff must check in on a sheet provided daily for any contact tracing that needs to be completed.

The HS Life Skills Class will deliver mail AM Tuesday - Friday to each building.

Each office needs to have a location where mail can be picked up/dropped off.

WSD Administrative Assistants will pick up and return mail from the post office.

FedEx will be delivered to the address on the package. UPS will deliver to the maintenance building.

See Student Handbook posted on our website. Buildings will follow PBIS flowcharts.

Hand Sanitizer will be provided by entrance doors. Sanitizing spray will be provided at each door and classroom. Spray the door down after entry.

All touch services in classrooms and student spaces will be disinfected nightly. We will be using a UV Light to clean each area at least once per week. If there is a case in any classroom or space the machine will be used.

Restroom cleaning: All restrooms will be cleaned nightly and high-risk touchpoints (faucet knobs, flush handles, partition locks, ADA railings)

Definition: Cleaning vs disinfecting:

  • Cleaning removes matter/debris from a surface such as food remnants or dust;

  • Disinfecting is done to mitigate microbes on a surface. The priority response action will be to focus on ensuring disinfecting is occurring regularly. There may still be some debris noticeable.

Classroom cleaning: To create a safe and healthy environment for staff and students, we will need to take a more collaborative and team approach to sanitize our classrooms. Teachers and staff will be supplied with CDC approved disinfecting wipes to prepare and disinfect classrooms and work stations during the day. Custodial staff will wipe down touch points in between AM/PM K-5 cohorts. The Junior High and High School will have students and staff use the disinfecting wipes to clean the student desks and touchpoints in between classes. At the end of the day or early morning, depending on the area and building the general cleaning and disinfecting will be done then district wide. During the day we will have custodians cleaning the bathrooms in the buildings to keep them as clean as possible. We have UV machines and will use them for areas where we have a positive case and get each room with the UV machines at least once a week.

Distance Learning Model

Each building or department will schedule its own distribution days for student materials.

Teachers can set up distribution days or set materials out for parents to pick up.

It is a virtual option for students whose parents wanted something different from teacher-led distance learning or hybrid.

Each student will have a district employee managing their account through Edgenuity.  Parents will be required to ensure that students are completing courses and provide all tutoring needed.  

The deadline for signing up for Edgenuity is December 15 for K-8 and January 15 for 9-12.

It will be encouraged for parents to ensure the information that we have in skyward is accurate.

Teachers will utilize ELD strategies in content areas to assist in language development.

Building strong relationships with parents is essential.

Preschool through 3rd Grade will use Seesaw as their LMS. (3rd grade will transition to Google Classroom during quarter 4)

4th-12th Grade will use Google Classroom as their LMS.

Parent Square will be our two-way communication application for all staff, students, and families.

Wahluke School District Website - resources for families

Grab & Go Breakfast and Lunch Bags will be provided to children in the following ways:

Every Monday: 5 days of Grab & Go Meals will be distributed at the ME Cafeteria and several off-site locations, weather permitting.

Every Friday: 2 days of Grab & Go Meals will be distributed at several off-site childcare centers in Mattawa, weather permitting.

Preschool - Hot meals will be served on-site due to length of time at school.

Mattawa Elementary - ParaProfessionals will pick up Grab & Go bags at the ME cafeteria for the AM and PM groups and deliver to classrooms. They will also fill out and return the completed Tally Sheets and any unclaimed bags to the cafeteria after each meal service.

Morris Schott STEAM Elementary - Foodservice Associates will deliver Rubbermaid Totes of Grab & Go meals with Tally Sheets to classroom doors for AM and PM groups. These will be picked up from classrooms 15 minutes after service.

Saddle Mountain Elementary - Foodservice Associates will provide contactless deliveries of Rubbermaid Totes of Grab & Go meals with Tally Sheets to classroom doors for AM and PM groups. These will be picked up from classrooms 15 minutes after service.

Wahluke Junior High - Meals will be outside of the classroom at the end of the AM/PM session. Students will grab their meals as they exit the classroom.

Wahluke High School - Administration will deliver Grab & Go meals to each classroom.

TS Gold - Preschool/TK/K at all three elementary buildings and 1st Grade at Mattawa Elementary and Morris Schott STEAM Elementary will be utilizing TS Gold as their report cards.

Traditional Standards - Based Reports Cards - 2nd-8th Grade at all buildings and 1st Grade at Saddle Mountain Elementary.

Traditional Report Cards - 9-12th Grade at the HS will be using letter grades.

Students will not be allowed to store their backpacks and coats in the hallway.

Health guidelines will be followed, and traffic in hallways will be minimized. There will be signage on the floor for the flow of traffic.

Hand washing is imperative in stopping COVID transmission.

Proper Hand Washing

If students/staff are unable to wash their hands due to lack of access to soap and water, hand sanitizer can be substituted. Posters have been provided to outline proper handwashing procedures in both English and Spanish. Things to Consider Hand Washing Procedures

All persons, including staff and students, will adhere to these rules when washing their hands:

  1. Wet your hands with clean, running water (warm or cold), turn off the tap, and apply soap.

  2. Lather your hands by rubbing them together with the soap. Lather the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails.

  3. Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. Need a timer? Hum the “Happy Birthday” song from beginning to end twice.

  4. Rinse your hands well under clean, running water.

  5. Use a paper towel to turn off the faucet.

  6. Dry your hands using a clean towel or air dry them.

Students and staff should wash their hands:

  • Each time they enter a classroom

  • Before and after eating

  • After a student/staff touches their face, sneezes, or coughs

  • Every 2 hours

  • After using the restroom

In alignment with the CEL/5-D Framework, lesson plans should be completed prior to the lesson and be available on request. In addition, lesson plans will be turned in at the end of the year.

Locker rooms will not be accessible to students.

Staff that has an office in the locker rooms may utilize space.

Staff will eat in their classrooms or assigned area. Lunchtimes may need to be staggered to accommodate janitorial staff from 10:45-12:00. Groups will be scheduled based on the location of each classroom or area.

Group 1

  • Lunch 10:45-11:15

  • Prep 11:15-12:00

Group 2

  • Prep 10:45-11:30

  • Lunch 11:30-12:00

Groups of staff are not permitted to eat together and must clean area after eating - Disinfect/Sanitize means to eliminate most or all pathogens. The solution will be provided.

Personal refrigerators/microwaves(600 watts) will be allowed in classrooms during COVID. There will be no coffee makers, Keurigs, hot plates, etc. We need to be cautious of overloading the circuits in our classrooms. Do not plug your fridge into an extension cord, they can be plugged into a surge protector.

Students will be sent home with lunch and breakfast.( With the exception of some high needs students)

Life Skills students and Preschool students are served on campus and follow all of the state guidelines.

<Masks image>

Students and staff must wear masks at all times (excluding times when they are eating/drinking) while in the building.** This includes when students are not present. Masks should fit snugly and cover both the nose and mouth. Gators/Bandanas will not be allowed per GCHD guidance.

**building with students, school, schoolhouse building.

Wearing a mask all day is new to us, so there will be times that masks slip down, we forget to pull them back up after eating, drinking, etc. It is our collective responsibility to support each other to properly wear masks.

As of 3/19/21: WSD’s COVID Team received authorization from GCHD and L&I to be able to implement the following protocols, effective immediately.

  • Mask breaks will be given to students in Pre-Kinder - 3rd grade during outside supervised recesses less than 15 minutes while 6-foot physical distance is maintained.   

  • Mask breaks will be given to students in Pre-Kinder - 12th grade during outside supervised classroom settings for 15 minutes or less while 6-foot physical distance is maintained. 

  • Staff and faculty can remove their masks when walking to and from personal cars to any buildings while 6-foot physical distance is maintained. 

    • Mask breaks are not mandatory, breaks are optional for each individual student or staff member.

As of June 1st: Based on recent Washington State Department of Health mask wear announcements. WSD's

COVID-19 team has worked with Grant County Health Department and L&I to allow fully vaccinated staff members in non-school house buildings the option of not wearing masks. This option will enable fully vaccinated staff members not to wear masks in non-school house offices/buildings and around staff members located in the same establishment/cohort who are also vaccinated.

Staff members working in the following buildings/offices will have the option not to wear masks, only in those buildings, after submitting vaccine verification and receiving approval from HR.

Buildings included:

  • Maintenance Building

  • District Administration Office Building

  • HR and Business Office Building

  • Tech Building

  • Transportation Building

Before ending mask requirements, WSD must confirm workers are fully vaccinated — WSD will track

and collect proof of vaccination by having staff submit verifications via Google Form. Employers must

demonstrate they have verified vaccination status for workers who are not masked. Vaccine

verifications will ONLY be seen by WSD's HR and nurse departments.


How to properly wear a mask

(STAFF INFO) If a staff member cannot wear a mask, visit the link below. The form needs to be filled out, sent to, and approved by GCHD. If approved for a student, their copy is delivered to the nurse. Staff that have approved waivers need to get a copy to the nurse and HR.

Region 7 COVID-19 FaceMask/Cloth Face Covering Waiver Request Form

Self carry students need to contact the school nurse to make sure all paperwork is filled out.

Staff administered medication will follow all RCW 28A.210.260. The school nurse needs to be contacted to make sure all paperwork is filled out. Each student will be signed in at the health room for contact tracing. Only one student will be allowed in the room at a time. Cleaning procedures will be followed after each student leaves.

The mental health of our students, families, and staff is of the utmost priority for the Wahluke School District in these uncertain times. We are working with our staff to provide the necessary resources to our staff and families.

We will continue to update this as more information is available.

All of our processes and procedures that will be followed are in the following links. These will be updated as we get new information from GCHD.

Links updated with Carrie Harris emails on 11/17/2020

Wahluke SD - Get Well Protocol for Students

Get Well Checklist

Please follow all health guidelines to allow for social distancing. Staff can call the office for any questions or support.

Weather permitting - space is available outside for staff to utilize for learning. Elementary Greenhouses will be utilized. JH/HS Greenhouses will be used by CTE teachers assigned to those classes.

Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports - practices will be utilized to meet the needs of students.

All TK-5th grade students will be offered a 10-minute recess during their session at school. Teachers will be responsible for taking students outside and following all health guidelines upon return to the classroom. Classrooms are not allowed to mix outside, in case contact tracing needs to occur. In each classroom, we will be provided with materials to take to recess. Recess is a great opportunity for a brain break, gross motor development, social skills, and exercise. The playground will be broken into zones and a rotation will be developed to ensure students can use all areas of the playground throughout the week.

<Mattawa Elementary image>

<Morris Schott Elementary image>

<Saddle Mountain Elementary image>

<Wahluke Junior High image>

Students that have access to a restroom in their classroom need to utilize their classroom restroom.

Students that do not have access can be sent one student at a time to the restroom.

WHS-Three (3) restrooms will be open for use:

  • Auditorium/band room

  • Locker room hallway

  • South hallway

WJHS-Three (3) restrooms will be open for use:

  • Foyer

  • Main Hallway

  • Back Hallway

Three (3) students will be allowed in the restroom at a time. Only use the urinals/toilets that are open. Wash hands with soap and water after bathroom use. Only one (1) person washing hands at a time. No more than two (2) students can be waiting in line. Always maintain social distancing.

All students will be required to follow handwashing guidelines. There will be signage posted in all restrooms.

Link to Shared Folder with Signage

Teachers will need to have assigned seating in their classrooms. We will need to contact trace where a student has been and any of the students they have been close to.

All seating charts need to be sent to the school nurse.

We will all strive for 6’ distancing at all times. Signage will be placed on the floor to support students in this. We are all in this together and need to remind students to stay socially distanced. Desks or tables must remain 6’ apart at all times in the classroom.

(FOR STAFF) Staff is reminded of the incredible opportunity we all have as leaders within our community. In fact, our students, parents, and community members of Mattawa often look to us for information, details, and guidance. This is not something any of us have likely sought out, but it is a fact that we ask all WSD staff to remember when posting to Social Media — the incredible privilege we all have as WSD staff members.

Special Education students shall receive services directed by their Individualized Learning Plan (IEP) and related services(some in-person and virtual).

Music, PE, and STEM Specialists (depending on the school) will provide activities via digital learning (synchronous or asynchronous) during the “at home” portion of the student's day.

Students cannot share supplies. All students must have an individual pencil bag/pencil box for their supplies. School materials will be provided to students for distance and in school learning.

Extra materials will be ordered for each classroom so that teachers can maintain a supply of extra crayons, pencils, glue, etc. These supplies should be kept in a place that allows the teacher to disperse the supplies to student pencil bags as needed. There cannot be any communal pencil bins, manipulatives, shared texts, etc.

Student backpacks and coats need to be stored during the day on the students’ chairs. No backpack hooks, lockers, etc.

Substitutes will be trained in all policies/procedures. If a staff member needs to take an extended leave they can contact the Human Resources Director.

Asynchronous Platform - Screencastify

Synchronous Platform - Zoom

TK-3 - Seesaw (3rd grade will transition into Google Classroom during 4th quarter)

4-12 - Google Classroom

Preschool through 5th-grade students will be provided with district-owned iPads/Chromebooks. 6th through 12th-grade students will be provided with district-owned Chromebooks.

Each building will have a “Technology Runner” that will take the equipment that needs to be serviced to the Technology Department office. For the safety of our students and staff, technology staff will not enter the classroom when students are in class.

Teachers can use provided wipes to clean technology materials. Student technology is allowed to be brought to and from school.

3CX - Each staff member has access to 3CX through their personal cell phones. Teachers can use 3-Way Calling when there is a need for an interpreter.

Student temperatures will be taken at entry zones in all buildings. Each building will have designated locations for students to enter.

Teachers will all be supplied a thermometer. If a student or staff member has a fever they will be sent to the CARE's Room. Parents will be called to pick their child up and the “Get Well Script” will be used.

The definition of a fever is 100.4. Due to the fact that ambient temperatures can cause errors with thermometers, every student or staff that has a temperature of 99.4 or higher will be reassessed with an oral thermometer. The distance for scanning temperature is less than an inch away. Scanning the inner wrist/arm is an approved method for taking a temperature.

If a staff member gets sick during the day and has transportation, they will immediately leave. If they do not have transportation they will need to wait in the CARE's Room until their transportation arrives.

Dual Language will not switch classrooms during the school day.

  • Group 1

    • Spanish - Tuesday/Thursday

    • English - Wednesday/Friday

  • Group 2

    • Spanish - Wednesday/Friday

    • English - Tuesday/Thursday

All hallway transitions will follow health guidelines.

Students will not have to wear a uniform during COVID Distance or Hybrid this year, but will have to follow dress code guidelines.

Dress Code Guidelines

Because of health risks, all water fountains are closed except the bottle filling stations. The fountain feature of each water fountain will be turned off/or blocked off to prevent the spread of germs.

Parents will be encouraged to fill water bottles before coming to school.