Dual Language Program

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Dual Language is rolling into Year Six!

The 2019-2020 school year was the inaugural year for Wahluke School District's dual-language program with our first cohort of kindergarten students starting at Mattawa Elementary.

This school year the first cohort is moving up to fifth grade, completing our K-5 program. Next year we will be rolling up into Junior High!

With the reconfiguration, dual language will now be a strand across Mattawa Elementary (Kinder), Saddle Mountain Elementary (1-3rd) and Morris Schott Elementary (4-5th).

Dual Language Teachers


Rosalia Tapia
Spanish Lead

Amy Bare
English Lead

1st Grade

Coral Maciel
Spanish Lead

Merilee Redberg
English Lead

2nd Grade

Maggie Celaya
Spanish Lead

Sandra Ledezma
English Lead

3rd Grade

Oralia López
Spanish Lead

Dawn Smith
English Lead

4th Grade

Juan Martínez
Spanish Lead

Julianne LeMaster
English Lead

5th Grade

Julio Maldonado
Spanish Lead

Rene Hudgins
English Lead

Frequently Asked Questions

A Day in the Life of a Dual Language Student

Here is just a sample schedule of what a dual language student's day might look like.

Sample Schedule