District Software/Applications

This page highlights all of the approved applications and software that are available in the district and the process of getting new applications or software approved in the district.

Wahluke School District uses Google Workspace on all devices along with using our Learning Management Systems: Google Classroom.

New Software Requests

If you would like the district to purchase new software, you will need to fill out and submit the Software request form. This request form will go to the requestor's supervisor for initial approval. Once approved, the request form will be forwarded to the district department for a more in-depth review. If the request was denied at any point in the process, the requestor will be notified by their supervisor.

Teacher Request for new Software (form)

The request form will be reviewed by the department that will support the use of the new software. These departments are Teaching & Learning, Student Support Services, Special Education, or Multilingual & Multicultural Services. The department that reviews the request will have a specific form with questions that are specific to their department’s goals. 

All departments will include these district-wide questions as part of the approval process

  • Will it meet the needs of the intended user(s)? 

  • Does it fit a specific need in the district? 

  • Does it support the district's strategic plan?

  • Is this app/software equitable to all of its intended users, and fit the vision and goals of the district? 

  • How much support the district will need in order to successfully implement the software in the district? 

  • What is the cost of the software? 

  • Will staff need professional development in order to use this software?

  • How much staff support will be needed to run the new software?

Once the department has reviewed the request, and the software can be supported by the department, then it will go to the Information and Technology Services Department to ensure that our current technology infrastructure can support this tool. 

The Information and Technology Services Department department will review the request and base their approval on these questions:

  • Does this software work on all district devices?

  • Will accounts need to be created?

  • What is the technology implementation process for rolling out this software?

  • What kind of support will be needed by the Information and Technology Department? 

Once approved by all and funding allocations are set, we'll begin the process of purchasing and implementing the new software in the district. Depending on the type of software requested, the process of implementation may take time.

The person who submitted this request will be notified by their supervisor of the decision of the district.

Approved Software/Apps

Any software/apps listed have been vetted by the district department that will be supporting the software/app and the Technology department to ensure our technology infrastructure can support it.

Requests to add software/apps should be submitted to IT through helpdesk@wahluke.net