Worker's Compensation

Wahluke School District provides Worker's Compensation Insurance through a self-insurance consortium managed by ESD105. 

If you are injured on the job, or contract and infectious disease like COVID-19 on the job, you must report the injury to your supervisor/employer as soon as possible.  You will need to complete our District Accident/Incident/Injury Report Form, available in your building office.  If you need to see a medical provider for an injury you will also need to file a claim for benefits by submitting a Self-Insurer Accident Report (SIF-2) and pick up a Physicians Initial Report form, both available in the District Business Office. If you missed work because of an illness caused by an infectious disease that you contracted at work during a State of Emergency you may file a claim, but for the claim to proceed you will have to have a positive test result and it has to be verified by a medical provider. The claim filing process is the same as if you suffered an injury.

A Guide to Workers' Compensation Benefits explains the benefits available to you if you are injured on the job or develop an occupational disease.  Benefits vary, depending on the injury.  They can include medical treatment related to your on-the-job injury, partial wage replacement, and other services to aid you in your recovery and return to work.  

A Guide To Worker's Compensation Benefits

Guía de Beneficios de Compensación para los Trabajadores

Time Loss Compensation Information Sheet 2-6-2020

Beginning January 2013 you will need to get medical care from a Labor & Industries Medical Provider Network provider.  You may see a non-network provider for your initial visit, but for additional or ongoing care, you will need to transfer to a Labor & Industries Medical Provider Network.

L & I Local Network Providers 

L & I Providers, Yakima Area (3-10-2020)

The Link below provides access to the State's comprehensive  L&I Medical Provider Network Listing