Air Quality Announcement

AIR QUALITY ANNOUNCEMENT:  Given the circumstance in our area and surrounding areas. WSD would like to inform and share our current air quality decisions for school/student activities during the day. 

WSD follows a CDC - supported site  

To monitor the U.S. Air Quality Index or AQI, specifically the EPA’s tool for communicating daily air quality.

  • It uses color-coded categories and provides statements for each category that tell you about air quality in your area, and which groups of people may be affected.

  • Provides steps you can take to reduce your exposure to air pollution.

  • It's also used as the basis for air quality forecasts and current air quality reporting.

Please see the PDF files below with information on Air Pollution and School Activities from the Washington State Department of Health and the Air Quality and Outdoor Activity Guidance for Schools from

Today (9/12/22), our air quality is on the orange/unhealthy level at a 124 NOWCAST AQI. Students with underlying health conditions such as asthma should follow their asthma action plans and keep their quick-relief medicine handy.

For this week WSD will proceed as follows: 

All sports and activities that are held indoors, or can be moved indoors will continue as scheduled.  Coaches and directors will be encouraged to be flexible and adjust as needed to accommodate as many groups as possible.

Outdoor activities will be allowed today for the majority of our students, encouraging students who are compromised to sit out and starting tomorrow we will cancel all outdoor activities under the assumption that this smoke is getting worse, not better.

Reminder that all students can opt out when air quality conditions are risky as per the chart below.  We are currently registering 142 and this means that those compromised should not be exerting in these conditions.

We will continue to monitor and send out updates accordingly.

Washington Air Quality Guide for School & Child Care Activities

Guía informativa sobre la calidad del aire en Washington para actividades escolares y de cuidado de niños

Air Quality and Outdoor Activity Guidance for Schools Regular