National School Bus Safety Week

As National School Bus Safety week (October 16-22, 2022,) ends, the Wahluke School District would not only like to emphasize the importance of bus safety but also take the time to recognize and honor the drivers who often transport our students daily. This week our bus drivers took CPR classes and wanted to share some bus safety tips for our students and families to always keep in mind.

1. Be at your bus stop 5- minutes early.
2. Stand 3 giant steps away from the road.
3. No pushing, shoving, or throwing things at the bus stop or on the bus.
4. Wait for your bus to stop. Do not move until the bus driver tells you to.
5. On the bus, keep your hands to yourself and your body and things out of the aisle.
6. Always do what the bus driver asks you to do the first time.
7. You can always get help from a school bus driver.

Thank you, WSD Bus Drivers, for all you do for our students in and out of the bus!